Food Machines and Fryers in Sabah

Snack Machines and Deep Fryers

Waffles . Hotdogs . Pancakes . Popcorns . Potato Twister

We are the leading Bubble Tea ingredients and machinery equipment supplier
in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Kaya Ball Machine

Our Kaya Ball Machine produces a rounded, golden Kaya ball, cooked to perfection.

Table Top Gas Fryer

Table Top Gas Fryer uses cooking gas to deep fry snacks and can be put on a tabletop.

Takoyaki 3 plates

Takoyaki 3 plates, electricity.

Single Waffle Machine

Toastmaster waffle machine

Corn Steamer

Our Corn Steamer lets you produce cooked corn or jagung in any volume you need.


Our Mixer has a metal mixing bowl tough enough to handle your business volume.

Takoyaki 2 plates

Takoyaki 2 plates, electricity

Rice Cooker

15L, Gas.

Potato Twister Peeler

Potato Twister Peeler machine produces potatoes ready to make Twister Potatoes.

Sushi Display Chiller

Store & display all kind of raw ingredients.

Taiyaki Machine 3pcs

Mini Taiyaki Machine – Gas.

Hot Dog Machine

Hot Dog machine cooks by rotating the food, acts as a food warmer and display case

Roast Machine

Suitable for roast chicken

Hot Plate Machine

6 holes, gas.

Crispy Round Pancake Machine

Our Crispy Round Pancake Machine makes perfect pancakes for you. We also supply pancake mix.

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Machine is an all-in-one machine including a showcase.

Gas Fryer

This Gas Fryer handles deep frying for those who need a standalone unit.

Electric Kebab Machine

Smokeless with heater control

Electric Steamer

Table Top Small Electric Steamer, fit for anywhere & easy to use

Electric Fries Warmer

Small and portaable; Always keep your food warm.

Chili Grinding Machine

Chili Grinding Machine is a heavy duty unit that produces more chili than a normal blender.

Desktop Gas Fryer

Function: frying chicken, Potato chips
Volume: 18L
Size: 500*505*310*440mm