Milky Tea and Bubble Tea in Sabah

Taiwan bubble tea, fruit powder and juices

Milk Tea . Jelly . Ice Cream . Syrups . Powders . Seasoning

We are the leading Bubble Tea ingredients and machinery equipment supplier
in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Milky Tea Powder

Borneo More specialize in providing the highest quality milky tea ingredients imported from Taiwan.

Jelly Ingredients

Borneo More provides highest quality jelly ingredients for use in making ABC, Snow Ice, Smoothies and any delicious drinks.

Ice Cream Ingredients

Make your own super-soft and delicious ice-cream in your shop. We provide ice-cream powder and ice cream machines.

Waffles and Jams

Waffles are very popular and you can set up a waffle store anywhere with delicious waffle ingredients, jams and syrups.

ABC Ingredients

ABC or Ais Batu Campur is a Malaysian favourite. Try our ABC ingredients and ice machines for an out-standing ABC.


Syrups make ABC, Snow Ice, Smoothies and Waffles tastes even better! We provide you with an extensive range of syrups.

Tea Leaves

Find the perfect blend of Tea! We import the best tea leaves to make the perfect bubble tea. Great taste at affordable prices.

Crispy Seasoning Powder

For those who love fried food, our crispy seasoning powder puts a lovely crunch to your food.